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The saying goes “Money doesn’t buy you happiness”. However, there may be more to that statement for those who actually have the money.  Generational Wealth refers to having multiple assets that a family passes down from one generation to the next. These assets can be divided into three categories 1. Investments in Real Estate, 2. Investment of funds in the stocks and bonds market, and finally 3. passing down the family business and thus creating financial advantages.



Let’s dig deeper. If you want to have more control over your life, the ability to leverage financial resources over longer periods of time is essential. This can allow you and your family to plan long-term with fewer constraints, and to have more freedom of choice, and more opportunities.


1. Investing in Real Estate

Investing in Real Estate is the most common tool used by families to

As demonstrated by the fact that the annual homeownership rate last year at 65 percent. Homeownership allows you an opportunity to use your equity and leverage it to gain more revenue. Whether making improvements on that property to increase value, purchasing more real estate properties, or by investing those funds into new entrepreneurial ventures. However, homeownership is not easily accessible across all segments of the population, with certain knowledge and technical information keeping first-time home buyers from achieving optimal investments. We would like to change that.

2. Investing in the Stock Market

Investing in the

is another way to create wealth, although riskier. Revenue in the stock market is built through capital appreciation and dividends, which increase your investments by generating income.  Creating a diverse portfolio with different asset classes such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds, ETFs, and perhaps even cryptocurrency allows investors to potentially collect cash gains, while mitigating risk.

3. Starting a Family-Owned Business

Creating Family owned businesses. The quality of their products or services is an extension of their worth. Creating an environment where older and younger generations work together allows family businesses to have a wider reach and a broader appeal. By the same token, the consistency and stability of a family business that has survived multiple generations is a central component to the company’s success and a key allure for the public. Allow Liquid Investments Real Estate to assist you with aligning your family business goals with a concrete plan to expand and build on your legacy.

Let Liquid Investments Real Estate Guide You

Building true GW is not easy and it takes focus, discipline and clarity of purpose, but it is achievable!  Let Liquid Investments Real Estate help your family create your legacy.  Let us help you ensure the wealth you create will last for generations to come!